Formula Dosing Systems, which are used widely in plastics sector, is the process of mixing certain additives with main raw materials. The dosing systems produced in our company can work fully automatically and can weigh 10 different substances at the same time. By entering more than one formula, it is possible to switch between formulas in a short time. The formulations, which are prepared automatically by the gravimetric or volumetric dosing systems, are carried to the silos or extruders in perfect conditions so that the feeding operations can be carried out smoothly. The automation process of this system can be followed by PLC and the values of the formulation that are used in the production can be changed or reprogrammed with the touch of buttons on the screen. The dosing system can be monitored over the Internet and can be checked online with an application.

According to the budgets and needs of our customers, suitable raw material dosing systems can be installed on the production line in every capacity for an ideal automation process. In this respect, we make preliminary studies according to the number and type of materials to be used, availability of the production area and other requirements. After we build the project we finally present it to the approval of our valued customers.

Advantages and Features:

  • High sensitivity
  • Formulation quality
  • Energy saving
  • Time saving
  • Labor saving
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Low waste rate
  • Scales weighing up to 1000kg