For many years, single or twin screw extruder type machines have been used in the plastics industry, such as injection, extrusion and calender feeding. The performance and quality values of the machines working in this way can no longer meet the needs of the manufacturers as required. Nowadays, in order to increase the production capacity in PVC processing lines, new generation extruder systems have been introduced. With the help of these systems, high quality products are produced in high capacities up to 4,000 (kg / h). These new generation machines are called Planetary Extruder Systems. Due to the working principle of the planetary extruder systems, the material fed into the system as raw material is processed more easily by being crushed and also under the influence of excessive heat. Therefore, the system can operate at more capacity with less specific energy consumption.

What advantages does the machine equipped with Planetary Extruder Systems provide to the user?

  • Optimum use of additives,
  • The machine has a large heat transfer surface,
  • Because the material is left in the machine for a short period of time, it prevents the deterioration of the stabilizers and mineral oils during the process,
  • Excellent mixing and plastification performance,
  • Main Screw (The Sun) internal temperature control,
  • Achieving targeted friction and optimum plastification with variable number of satellite screws,
  • High capacity,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Self-cleaning,
  • Production of higher quality products,
  • High dispersion capability reduces the formula costs.

Planetary Extruders are generally used by the producers of plastic products such as PVC Granule, PVC Cable, PVC Profile, PVC Hose, PVC Pipe, PVC / PE Film, Plastic Packaging, Vinyl Flooring and also for feeding the calender lines.

As Sanem Makina, we are able to offer planetary systems with a large capacity of 300 to 4,000 (kg / h) with our experienced technical staff, providing special advantages in each application field. With the help of these systems, raw materials with different properties such as PVC and PE can be processed. According to our customers’ demands and requirements, we produce our machines by 3 or 3.5 modules on a turn-key basis. We grant you a guarantee for 2 years against manufacturing defects thus providing a safe and fast working environment.

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