What is Granulated PVC ?

PVC Granule is formed by the polymerization of Vinyl Chloride. Produced as a thermoplastic product in hard, soft, opaque and transparent forms, PVC Granule is a material commonly used with various chemicals. PVC Granule has taken its place in many branches of plastics industry because of its ease of production, low cost and resistance to environmental conditions.

Areas of Usage

PVC is used in many applications such as automotive, furniture and medical industry. Also, the following are some implementation methods:

Blow method :
Production of bottles for cosmetics and food

Injection method :
Fittings, shoe sole, boots.

Extrusion method :
Window profiles, cables, pipes.

Advantages of Using Granulated PVC

If we compare PVC in powder and granule form, we can list some advantages of using granule PVC in the process as follows:

  • Molding and extrusion processes are performed with high operating reliability,
  • No dust occurs during the process,
  • The storage and cleaning process is simple,
  • The use of granular PVC usually results in higher capacity.

Our PVC/PE Granulator Machines

For many years, single or twin screw extruder type machines have been used in the plastics industry, such as injection, extrusion and calender feeding.

Nowadays, in order to increase the production capacity in PVC Granulators, new generation extruder systems have been introduced. With the help of these systems, high quality products are produced in high capacities up to 4,000 (kg / h). These new generation machines are called Planetary Extruder Systems.

Due to the working principle of the two-stage Planetary Extruder systems, the material fed into the system as a raw material during the granulation process is more easily processed by being crushed and also under the influence of excessive heat. Therefore, the system can operate at more capacity with less specific energy consumption.

With PLATO brand, which is the the first registered trademark taken in this field in Turkey, we aim to offer you our Granulator Machines with the latest technology in the shortest time and in light of minimum cost / maximum benefit principle. As Sanem Makina, we are able to offer Granulator Machines with a large capacity of 300 to 4,000 (kg / h) with our experienced technical staff, providing special advantages in each application field. With the help of these systems, raw materials with different properties such as PVC and PE can be processed. According to our customers’ demands and requirements, we produce our machines by 3 or 3.5 modules on a turn-key basis. We grant you a guarantee for 2 years against manufacturing defects thus providing a safe and fast working environment.

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