Sustainability shows the feature of being a value adopted by our company as part of its responsible and innovator understanding. The sustainability practices we follow and implement for our employees, customers, suppliers, society and world aim to enhance today and create permanent values ​​for future generations.

Adopting long-term growth as a principle by adapting automation and digitalization to business processes, Sanem Plastik is an example about responsible production and consumption. It follows the concept of "sustainability" as a guide by determining a road map in its practices about environment, economy and social responsibility.

Sanem Plastik, which has achieved a good performance with its practices on energy efficiency, zero waste, resource efficiency in production and environmentally friendly products, always feature its environmental awareness. Emphasizing the sustainability issue in the supply chain, it organizes its potential collaborations as part of sustainability. Our company, which always cares about customer satisfaction and loyalty, gives an importance to continuous improvement in CRM and Complaint Management.

It procures to provide social benefits as a mission in issues such as education and healthy life by assimilating the role of social development at corporate culture. While continuing its activities, it uses digital marketing tools that have a great role in catching up with the digital age.

Our Sustainability Policy

  • As Sanem Plastik, we are responsible for managing all kinds of environmental impact that may arise from our activities with a sense of responsibility and showing environmental awareness within improvement and development works.

  • We position our employees as the most important part of sustainability. We believe that all of our employees should work in a healthy and safe environment, regardless of religion, language or race, and undertakes to fulfill working conditions sensitive to human rights.

  • We are responsible for encouraging our business partners to act jointly on sustainability and taking care to evaluate to be held the practices with a sustainability approach.

  • We give an importance to customer satisfaction by serving our customers at international standards and making an effort to maintain their loyalty.

  • We accept to fulfill our responsibility for the society by prioritizing our social sensitivity.