In moulding of engineering thermoplastic materials “temperature” is an essential factor to be considered. The products processed in the machine can be produced incorrectly due to differences in the mold temperatures. Production without controlled temperature may result in surface defects, low strength values in products, bad quality and size differences. For that reason mould temperature controllers are used to heat up or cool the mould and maintain the temperature constant.
Our “Water Type Mould Temperature Controller Units” are manufactured with high quality materials and with a compact design that heats and cools the mould to maintain optimum temperature in the mould.

Widely demanded in various industries with different application areas, our products are known for its reliability and accuracy.


1. Working temperature up to 110°C
2. 6-9-12-24 or 36 kW heating power
3. Automatic water filling
4. High-precision automatic temperature control up to ± 2 °C
5. Protection against short circuits
6. Automatic alarming device
7. Electrical cabinet combining with CE parts including cooler fan
8. Vertical pump which works steadily and keeps service life long
9. Stainless steel tank prevents blockage of pipes and keeps long-term service of pump
10. Minimization of products wastage
11. Simple & compact design, minimal in size, light in weight
12. Safety Thermostat to safeguard, the unit in case of failure of temperature controller
13. Easy connection for supply & return cooling circuit, by hose nipple
14. Copper tubing used throughout the machine against corrosion and high heat
15. Pump pressure gauge
16. 3,2” wide screen LCD control panel (optional)