At Sanem Makina, not only take pride in the quality of our machines but also prioritize the importance of customer service and support. Professional technical support is always available to perform preventative and protective maintenance, provide spare parts, installation, education and training of each machine for the operators, owners and dealers. Our goal is to perform consistently and deliver to you value-added services with the highest level of quality.
Our highly trained technicians are at your service to ensure that your machines are in perfect working order. Our competent technical team will solve your mechanical, electronic and software problems on the spot. Our regular maintenance service guarantees the proper operation of your machines and equipments while providing the following benefits:

  • High reliability in production due to preventive maintenance
  • Minimization of downtime due to quick replacement of wear parts
  • Early detection of error sources
  • Longer service life of production facilities

We want to maintain life-long relationships with our customers and meet not only our commitments, but your expectations.

For technical support and service please CONTACT US!