Sanem Plastik, which has been continuing its commercial activities in Plastics sector since 1996, launched its own production facilities in 2002 in order to extend its product range and provide higher quality service.

Sanem Plastik continues its productive activities with its own brands in its two factories in İzmir. It follows customer expectations and market demands closely and makes significant contributions to the sectoral development.

Sanem Plastik increases its market share continuously with its day by day growing production capacity. In addition to having a significant share in both domestic and foreign markets with its successful sales organization and distribution network, Sanem Plastik presents its products to the consumers’ liking in more than 60 countries.

Sanem Plastik, which uses technological infrastructure that it has been developing within, does not compromise its quality standards and pays research and development a lot of importance. It takes firm steps forward in order to become the leader of the sector. In addition, Sanem Plastik which gives an importance to sector-university cooperation, aims to contribute to its country by synthesizing the theoretical knowledge of universities with sector experiences. In this contex, it has been continuing its commercial activities as Design Center from 2017 till today within the law numbered 5746.

The Story of Our Logo

Our logo is formed with the abstract symbolization of two hands clasped tightly together and contains following fundamental messages.

- The power of trust and loyalty,
- The sensation of love and devotion,
- Cherishing each individual from different countries and different cultures equally without the segregation of language, religion and race.